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According to company policies ArchiveUsers can log, copy, compress and store user
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31 March 2010

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When an employee quits from your organization, then you need to put in considerable effort in storing his/her official data and user information and deleting the related mailbox. This task unnecessarily engages you for a considerable amount of time, whereas even deactivating the mailbox directly can inflict covert damages. However, the unwanted user info and objects can easily be cleaned while creating backup of entire necessary data. For this, you just have to install ArchiveUsers 1.0 application, which allows logging, copying, compressing, and storing user information, home directory, and Exchange mailbox with another disk along with deleting the original. Whether you require cleaning up the Active Directory structure, removing redundant user objects, or migrating to Exchange 2007, for which you don’t want to keep old and unwanted mailboxes, then you can simply rely on this software.

Using the ArchiveUsers 1.0 you can clean user objects along with their important information such as AD attributes, home directory, and mailbox as per company policies. The main interface of application presents different functions to let you perform the task in the desire manner. The option series begins with the field to select the Destination folder for backups. Exactly below it is a table-view area where you’re shown the list of the account names and their info that you can select to for the cleaning task. With the bottom side, the program offers options to add and delete user account and other related info, and further unselect desired account names from the list. The right side panel comprises of features that begins with ‘Permissions’ where you’ve to specify details of account for File Access. Further with the panel, you’re presented ‘Actions to take’ feature that allows you to Export MB to PST, Export User to XML, Delete Object, Move Profilepath, and Compress PST. Moving further, you can get sizes for files and mailbox, and start with process specifying necessary features.

ArchiveUsers software facilitates you in creating logging, copying and backing up user data, along with deleting the original account and other details. The program has been worthily assigned with a score of 3.5 rating points for its effective functioning and easy-going feature-set that helps achieving the desired results.

Publisher's description

Dealing with users leaving the organization
According to company policies ArchiveUsers can log, copy, compress and store user information (Active Directory), home directory and/or Exchange mailbox to another disk and delete the original.
Compared to other AD Cleaning software ArchiveUsers will log all details so you are able to answer all questions that your QA may have.
* Deleting a user object is the best way to deal with user information for users who have left your company. Simply deactivating the object (with its mailbox) has a lot of unwanted side effects.
* In your company you have can have a lot changes in personnel. Therefore all your accounts have to be checked regularly.
* You have to clean up your Active Directory structure and remove unnessecary user objects.
* Before migrating (i.e. to Exchange 2007) you don't want to keep old and useless mailboxes. You want to remove user objects with their important information (AD attributes, home directory and mailbox) according to company policies.
* Access permission to copy and remove the home directory or mailbox can automatically be granted.
* Archiving of all relevant user information (Active Directory Attributes)
* Archiving of users' home directory
* Archiving of users' mailbox
* Compress and store all archived data on a remote disk or dvd
* Remove mailbox, home directory and user object permanently from AD
* Log details of taken actions
* ArchiveUsers provides required security for all administrators responsible for maintenance of Active Directory, Exchange and user data.
* Administrator may now remove objects from AD according to company policies before you reach the stage of hundreds of deactivated users overflowing your storage and structure
* All removed data is archived and may be restored if required. All details are logged so you may invite your QA department for taking a look at your work.
Version 1.0.1
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